SAP Workshop 2016 Mind of Watercolour

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Free Workshop with Steve of The Mind of Watercolour

Free Workshop with Steve of The Mind of Watercolour

The Mind of Watercolour is a very interesting site to learn and to improve your painting.

Steve is with Angela Fehr one of the best instructors on youtube. Go find his chanel by clicking on this link .

Description of the Workshop

The Mind of Watercolor
Instructor: Steve Mitchell
Start Date: May 2, 2016

Watercolor is one of the simplest mediums to use, but it seems to have a mind of its own at times, giving it the reputation of being fussy and unforgiving to work with. In this workshop we get into the mind of watercolor and see what makes it tick. Success with watercolor depends greatly on discovering and anticipating how it reacts in real painting situations. We will cover the basics of getting started and choosing proper materials then applying those basics as we go through the process of producing a landscape painting and a botanical painting from start to finish. We’ll learn how to get better results by setting the ideal conditions for working in watercolor and even letting watercolor do some of the painting for us. Watercolor is such an expressive, fresh and rewarding medium to use. Follow along as we discover how to partner with this excellent medium and let it take us on an exciting painting adventure.

To view the online Strathmore Workshop with Steve use this link

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